How it all begins.

25 08 2010

There are many World of Warcraft Blogs out there. You could search the internet and find one on just about anything you desire these days. I’m not writing an end-game blog (not yet anyway), I’m not writing a crafters blog, an RP blog, a PvP blog…. none of that. No, this blog is different.

This blog is about a Warlock. Yes, mages everywhere, fear me. I am your superior in every way! My bolts of Fel energy outmatch your puny beams of Arcane “might”. Ya… ok, so I’m getting started a little early on my Warlock vs. Mage rivalry, but hey, may as well start out at the beginning. Which is exactly my aim with this blog.

My Imp's name is.... Karrot. Nice.

I have played World of Warcraft for several years now, and have tried many different things. I’ve healed (briefly!), I’ve tanked and I’ve done both ranged and melee DPS. I currently have 6 characters at level 80 in my stables, and yet, there are still things I haven’t tried in-game, so I’m on a journey to explore the Warlock class. I’ve always been curious about how they feel to play. Hell, they can turn into giant demons, summon minions of the Nether to do their bidding, and they have dotted the shit out of me in BG’s so many times I can’t begin to count. So I figure, if I can’t beat em, why not join em?

My aim is to take a little baby Warlock and level him to 80. As I do so, I’ll cover things along the way from new Demonic minions, to spells I learn, to my experience in PvP, and my journeys through the lands of Azeroth in it’s last days before Cataclysm. I think it should be an enjoyable experience, and am hoping I can create something that people who stumble across it will enjoy reading. Any Warlock tips, suggestions, etc you can think of to help me out, are always appreciated.

Also, one note on pictures and such as they pop up. I started a new account with a friend (yes, I’ll be smashing through my first 60 levels), and am trying to play with as few addons as possible to give me more of a fresh, new-to-game experience… but don’t be surprised if you see shots with more and more addons as time goes on. Thanks for hanging out with me, and I’ll see you next time.